• Woolie Magnetic Sleeve

Protecting your iPad just got classier.

This is the ultimate multi-purpose iPad cover. Woolie is a sleeve and desk mat all in one.

How it works

No more fiddling with zips, strings, or hooks.

Keep your devices safe and scratch-free while in use and on the go.


Will my iPad drop out?

Woolies use some friction, as well as magnetic strength to keep your device in place. As long as you're not wildly swinging your Woolie about, your iPads are safe.

What happens if my Woolie gets wet?

The outsides of Woolies are extremely water resistant thanks to a special water-proof inner layer. If the outside of your Woolie gets wet, your iPad is safe on the inside. If you spill water (or get caught in the rain), simply dab your Woolie dry with a tissue paper or a piece of cloth; the water should come right out.

This is Woolie –

the only sleeve you'll ever need.