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Woolie Magnetic Sleeve

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The ultimate multi-purpose cover – a sleeve and desk mat all in one. Protection for your iPad while in use and while on the go. 


Why vegan wool?

We were looking for a more sustainable and animal-friendly way of storing and using our electronics. So instead of using real wool, we decided to opt for a vegan wool material made out of recycled fibers.


Benefits of vegan wool

It’s sturdier than real wool, so our Woolies don’t lose their shape. Plus, we’re able to keep loose pieces of paper without them getting crushed!

It doesn’t shed. This is a huge one – we experimented with real wool and quickly realized the shedding got all over our electronics (and bags and tables and floors...). And especially with laptops, we don’t want any shedding getting inside and making a mess.


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iPad Pro 11”: 490mm x 330mm (desk mat mode)

iPad Pro 12.9”: 560mm x 370mm (desk mat mode)


Made for:

  • iPad (all generations)
  • iPad Air (all generations)
  • iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" (all generations)
  • MacBook Air and Pro 13"